Homage to Jean and Niki

Homage to Jean and Niki. Watercolor and ink drawing by R Young. Sketch of a junk sculpture inspired by the work of Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle constructed on Point Youx, Chandeleur County, by Dédé Barthez.

Inscription on the base of Homage to Jean and Niki

I know what this means
I sweat and swear I do, yet
It has been demonstrated
By their willingness
To love a dish of love and clarity
That what actually lies beneath
And gives courage to them

Is disbelief.

Interpretation of the Inscription

I mean, it’s like this friend of mine, Young Dorain Smith, selling marriage at the list price of $3 who was released from County Lockup on probation recently. He is free, yes free, like monks in monasteries which are still the very embodiment of all that survives of tantric practice here in Chandeleur, where crankpots dictate great treatises to share with groovy people that Young Dorain Smith met with forceful confrontation and prodigiously for the best of possible reasons with paintings and sketches of Natural Skin while them sages were-a offering the indignant fortitude of absolution for sins never assuaged or even existing in the glory of time without beginning, end, or meaning.

I swear I used to know

What all of this implied.

I used to know what I stood for.

I was awake with conflicts

I threw away all my copies

of The Lotus Palace.

I had to face the truth that

You can only train them like dis

Not dat.

Spondee, see?

Lost in the supra-mundane void

I recall pre-events in the darkness where

I discovered

How you too can have

An elephant in your parlor!

Or who the flexible giant really is

Being out of print since 1879!

The black thigh line triangular

On the lyre of tyrannies

Whatever political rant it

Runs by the author of

Vegetable Poetry

While he danced a dance

Of Love and clarity.

Text by R Young.

But let the mind beware, that though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are pretty glorious.

–Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums


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