Olifant echo

Olifant echo Pizza Churros Snack On the road to El Pas De la Casa Andorra Riot of assembled Texts mountain high Pizza Churros Snack On the summit of life Gone to shop where An olifant wailed Roland To a martyr’s death Pizza Churros Snack Who the hell plays Olifant tunes anymore Would we even know... Continue Reading →

Traces reflected

Traces reflected Traces of chalk left on the blackboard After you wipe the wet towel across it Words reduced to a scattering of Broken white lines, curves, dashes A new alphabet for a new language Another wipe obliterates the Nascence of a whole literature Deprives countless struggling writers The source of their anguish. Without a... Continue Reading →

John the Revelator

John the Revelator We streetcar’d down- town cruising our morning on Canal this was about the time of the Challenger blowing up on take-off we went into Woolworth’s for roasted nuts talking Challenger ache for true a hobo at the checkout summed it up for everyone throwing out his arms shouting ain’t that Challenger just... Continue Reading →


ironsmithery message from a mountainside iron forgiving rein smithed sibilant the shadows ——— St. Paul is graced with dozens of outdoor iron sculptures woven into balconies, gates, fences. Indoors are hundreds more: bannisters, window-frames, hearths. We are blessed with a curving bannister fashioned half a century ago by a man who lives around the corner.... Continue Reading →

A view of marble slopes

A view of marble slopes When she stood at the window Looking out expecting nothing To see but what had passed Away across the last night A whisper from the slopes Of Canigó Not a message but a plain Remembrance tout à coup Blinding in the dark void Away across the lost night Her lover... Continue Reading →

Epiphyllum oxypatelum

30 October 2017 Monday A whirlwind of a week just passed and more storms ahead not for us here in St.Paul but for the Catalans & Americans each facing in their own way independence/repression indictments/repression so I go scouring the past for answers to today or just to see if the past is not a... Continue Reading →

Satie & Memphis Minnie

Satie & Memphis Minnie Enigmas appear in many sizes & places you were not looking For guises surprising you one Morning late on an autumn Balcony as if the instant Occupied a spot in time & space Tout à coup Yet with a kind of Slow heartbeat Surprise Lentement avec sentiment Satie & Memphis Minne... Continue Reading →

A banc public for Didi & Gogo

A banc public for Didi & Gogo It’s like it’s all arranged This natural corner for a Rendezvous, quiet now But wait & take off yer boots The morning will pass & then The drilling grinding sawing Erupt in the middle of the day What are those people up to No good You say, but... Continue Reading →


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