colors & February

Untitled_Artwork 43
wan light
the pulse of color
February sidles away

(on a stroll around St. Paul under a low gray sky, color breathes its own light)


Photograph by D Young, Yellow on a cloudy day, February 2018
Text by R Young



  1. Lovely combination of photograph and haiku. The yellow color seems to be there just by chance, or pehaps not? When February leaves, March comes on little cat feet to give way to spring. The mimosa flower is a sign, it flourishes between January and March and is as yellow as the color of your photo, as the sun of hope and as the yellow ribbon of Catalonia’s longing for the lost freedom. Dear R.D.Young, you touched my heart here while you probably did not associate your art with these thoughts and feelings. But, well, that is the art receiver’s part.

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    1. Your thoughtful response to our work is a true blessing indeed. To learn someone has been touched, well it makes it all worthwhile. We love the mimosas, too. We have some on rue Voltaire—both kinds, actually, and practically live by their rhythms. Right now the yellow mimosas are in full flash. The Albesias are still hibernating. BTW, our condoleances for how the independence movement is faring these days, but we know the Catalan spirit is too strong and will survive and grow, in spite of this moment’s setbacks. Glad to know that the yellow-gold can embody that spirit. Onward (it’s the only direction to go) !

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