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I want to come back here again & see what has become of all that transmigrated while I was away searching for NEWS of best chances for better times and other preoccupations taken at face value for the multitudes waiting for a sign-boast of the future not yet ours But once ours is never to... Continue Reading →


  I am here at the beginning when the heat melts the palms aloft, here where the servants badly rend pizzas ever again, twisting  songs of all they go to the springs for, always go the thousandthn time, ever go for the ghostly thou.   Wile-y, the thou, acting like: I’m awake but these spice-blown... Continue Reading →

No title

I stumble blindly along the paths of this world, unable to work out what is allowed and what is not. — Ivan Christyakov, GULAG prison guard, 1930

Reading the Sunday comics

Here we are again, the Catalan Autumn when Madrid bulls in. What is it about peace on an October Sunday, is it that peace is so boring that the excitement of a brawl takes over? Is it for the frank adrenalin rush, that meth-head bang and the firing of rifles dusty as old propaganda instead... Continue Reading →

Constantine points

Constantine points his dirty finger up some marble sign extruded right out of belly hole chords they mightily sing angels umbilical across the abyss- inian desert fury wasteland holy hubba hubba the daily news rolls buttered with bile they line the bar bitter while salt-rimed eyes saw better days when bloody nights throbbing out on... Continue Reading →

Bend a verbena

Try to avoid all those thinkings dark and be like unto the messenger of the gods speaking of eerie lights at the ends of long periods of wasted time polluting the way toward this here time we think goes on and on, only it stays in the mindless, a lyric which is more silent when... Continue Reading →

Live feed

So when the political raid overexcited two days of potential in Barcelona, as state exasperation was the precise soldier’s framework and distraction offered to the power as unwelcome, a second shot in the morning, a couple of times, as the light rolled over the water when another Catalonia scaled to the government’s wannabe basket of... Continue Reading →

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