The 2057 Maracock Festival

maracock, n. The fruit of any of certain American passion flowers, especially the may-pop, (Passiflora incarnata). Welcome! Camp Harmony Achilles Turpentine Refinery and Monte’s World of Salvage Outlet present 12th Annual Mirabeau County Maracock Festival Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen! Discover the amazing uses of wild maypop! It’s easy and fun. You can fry fresh... Continue Reading →

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia scours her way across Hibernia and on into the Hebrides & before me appear’d everything opened & closed & tickering re- elucidating esoteric principles & explaining mantra & clarifffnng a selection of bzerooul eleventh-century statues in Weeoigfyt Tibet together with many superb diagrams designedto “clarifv still & further more... Continue Reading →

blood pressure gizmo

While killing time between blood-pressure readings I close my eyes & scan the past stuck like bits of paper that slip down between the cushions and get forgotten until Vel.l#IO V£HSUS S0.lA3LISHMSN TnE BlTlDHIST JUNKMAIL ORACLE THb I&oen is mirhtier than the sky as a scr.oll alone could carry the complete story of all the... Continue Reading →

Recovered Poetry: Classifieds Dept., No. 4

YOGA HYGIENE I am indirect contact with the Posture. The Sadhus condemn the Swami Noshervanji, Preceptor, “The modern design 0f toilet bowl fixture Brotherhood of Bhudda” ... who operates saying that it is not conducive to defecate on a reflection channel with incipient performance of the motions. All intent to reunify the fragments of the... Continue Reading →

All slogans

All slogans are crap. Crap are all slogans. Are all slogans crap? Slogans are all crap. Endless crap are all slogans. Endless slogans are all crap. Are not all endless slogans crap? Slogans are not all endless crap. Less is all more slogan crap you dare not. Dare-less slogans are not more or less crap.... Continue Reading →

Palmyst’ry, No. 1

Yeah, what if I say: you want the summer break from the beginning of spring, when you know very well that autumn is coming next week to get our new hair colored like Colored Glass is your name and is a book we published in our blog posts? Meanwhile, here is the one that is... Continue Reading →

Classifieds Dept., No. 3

JOHN ROBERT, Steve, Rat: call Wowie Zowie Howie. JAY DOWNES — CALL HOME Deborah Anne, We would like very much to hear from you. Please call. We would truly welcome you back. We loved your card and we love you. Your family. I NEED a motorcycle helmet, cheap. Call Harvey. Free poems by an experienced... Continue Reading →

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