Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, January 1968

Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, January 1968 For creating these dada assemblages for Project 68, one of my favorite underground newspapers is the Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, a rough-and-ready journal published from 1967 to 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio. The pages were pasted up from typescripts and freehand drawings, which, when digitally digested today, gives... Continue Reading →

Recovered Poetry, Classifieds Dept., no 5

  Recovered Poetry, Classifieds Dept., no 5 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• YVONNE PLEASE call Aunt Bonnie in N.Y. CoUect. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Bachelor-25 desires affectionate female roommate approx. 21, 5'2" tall, ,1()() Ibs, brunette, musically. or artisti- aIIy inclined, quiet and sensitive. I offer secunty, affection, com- panionsllip, free food-clothes-and booze, and myself Boltom8Barrel ofthe CaU Jim at 761-0553 noon... Continue Reading →

The 2057 Maracock Festival

maracock, n. The fruit of any of certain American passion flowers, especially the may-pop, (Passiflora incarnata). Welcome! Camp Harmony Achilles Turpentine Refinery and Monte’s World-O-Salvage Outlet present 12th Annual Marat County Maracock Festival Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen! Discover the amazing uses of wild maypop! It’s easy and fun. You can fry fresh maypop leaves... Continue Reading →

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia scours her way across Hibernia and on into the Hebrides & before me appear’d everything opened & closed & tickering re- elucidating esoteric principles & explaining mantra & clarifffnng a selection of bzerooul eleventh-century statues in Weeoigfyt Tibet together with many superb diagrams designedto “clarifv still & further more... Continue Reading →

blood pressure gizmo

While killing time between blood-pressure readings I close my eyes & scan the past stuck like bits of paper that slip down between the cushions and get forgotten until Vel.l#IO V£HSUS S0.lA3LISHMSN TnE BlTlDHIST JUNKMAIL ORACLE THb I&oen is mirhtier than the sky as a scr.oll alone could carry the complete story of all the... Continue Reading →


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