Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, January 1968

Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, January 1968 For creating these dada assemblages for Project 68, one of my favorite underground newspapers is the Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, a rough-and-ready journal published from 1967 to 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio. The pages were pasted up from typescripts and freehand drawings, which, when digitally digested today, gives... Continue Reading →

All for only 1.95

All for only 1.95 Might have been a mountain Or a dinosaur who lived long ago Or a cactus growing in the desert Or nothing tangible at all Might have weaned us Intended us to be multiforalities Like pine sap in the forest Sticky and reeking life Sometimes I lie awake at night Deeply quandering... Continue Reading →

At the corner (four versions)

Four versions of “At the corner” 1. Of summer, of the man on notice there where the corner aches in his trash long redolent of the bar down the street a cig-butt nobody he is to the point but he strings along & sips his beer and it’s the seventh sidewalk electric-live lights all around... Continue Reading →

Spoon Painted onto a Board

OK Sunday Spoon What is a Sunday spoon but another Way home no more than saying dip It will not hurt your delicate nerves no Matter the circumstances of your Attitude feasting upon fears beyond The unattainable knot behind your Ear bones rattling a dicey gamble that What you hear will not hurt you Only... Continue Reading →

Wishing to wed

Wishing to wed Wishing to wed But deep swimming in His melancholic humor Also crazy & presently intelligent & decidedly blatant What else did he expect Anyway when he twisted The spout Sniffed the scent Spoiled soja undeniable Approaching a long time The fermenting But he was glad to finally decide Finally The damned icebox... Continue Reading →


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