Dark Sunday Last

Dark Sunday Last Walked up to the train station a relic nobody seems to know quite what to do with even the brave little playground goes to weed rust & decay solid enough to last one more day weeks even & years is this lasting a while its only reward? is it mine? I get... Continue Reading →

Bounty from a November Balcony

Bounty from a November Balcony Ye count yer blessins where ye Find em includin but not exclu- Sively (not wantin t’xclude Anything worthy) Issere bounteousness Roquette, Radis, Epinards As our old friend Jack from The Road once wisely wrote But let the mind beware, that though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday five-liner

waking up this morning icy tramontana broad shouldered gale blatant enemy of trance thief of peace and sleep Photograph ©D Young. St. Paul de Fenouillet, October 2015. Cinquain ©R Young


Toussaint Yesterday in the wind a walk Up rue de la Résistance past The College Joseph Calvet A flat ground paved Circled by platanes and cedrus Where the kids assemble and Dissemble raucous in their Endless puzzlements but Not this week when Toussaint holiday frees them And calls in a crew of men Yellow jackets... Continue Reading →


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