Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, January 1968

Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, January 1968 For creating these dada assemblages for Project 68, one of my favorite underground newspapers is the Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, a rough-and-ready journal published from 1967 to 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio. The pages were pasted up from typescripts and freehand drawings, which, when digitally digested today, gives... Continue Reading →

Ask the Oracle, Que sera?

Ask the Oracle, Que sera? What a groovy flip of the coins today For nous-mêmes Two neat stacks of lines alike Signifying greatness & originality & A future abounding in Penetrating Advantageousnesses & We love the tied-up sack (Picture burlap Clinch-knotted With hemp rope) Where neither blame Nor praise gets loose & Google-eyed dragons rampant... Continue Reading →

Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1

Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1 Valdosta Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry Co. cranked up with re-story-ing movement to crippled realism we broke into noise & then speech textas & ’magiments ideas more complex we now do GLAMs slicing words to sharpen and refine where abrupt action-re-action carries substantial meaning Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry... Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace She would like to say, you think you make your own choices in life but we are nothing but blind wanderers, moving from moment to moment, our blindness forever new to us. And to fully understand what this means is to accept something that is an outrage to most people. There are only... Continue Reading →


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