Manifesto for a Saturday

Manifesto for a Saturday Because, believe me! The secret to spreading more fruits And the greater enjoyment of existence Is to live dangerously! What comfort is found Being able to control yourself To keep the standstill consciousness Acquired by you doing What is usual, traditional and sanctified? Wake up pilgrim! This is truly great New... Continue Reading →

Bounty from a November Balcony

Bounty from a November Balcony Ye count yer blessins where ye Find em includin but not exclu- Sively (not wantin t’xclude Anything worthy) Issere bounteousness Roquette, Radis, Epinards As our old friend Jack from The Road once wisely wrote But let the mind beware, that though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are... Continue Reading →

The Balladeer

  The Balladeer Guess who stands before you packed Ready to travel with one desire lacking Waiting for the sorry machine of any heart To grant a legendary fool his one last card Who would believe you, who would even try to Erase the shadows of glowing towers where you Never blessed the clattering voice... Continue Reading →

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia scours her way across Hibernia and on into the Hebrides & before me appear’d everything opened & closed & tickering re- elucidating esoteric principles & explaining mantra & clarifffnng a selection of bzerooul eleventh-century statues in Weeoigfyt Tibet together with many superb diagrams designedto “clarifv still & further more... Continue Reading →

blood pressure gizmo

While killing time between blood-pressure readings I close my eyes & scan the past stuck like bits of paper that slip down between the cushions and get forgotten until Vel.l#IO V£HSUS S0.lA3LISHMSN TnE BlTlDHIST JUNKMAIL ORACLE THb I&oen is mirhtier than the sky as a scr.oll alone could carry the complete story of all the... Continue Reading →

Recovered Poetry: Classifieds Dept., No. 4

YOGA HYGIENE I am indirect contact with the Posture. The Sadhus condemn the Swami Noshervanji, Preceptor, “The modern design 0f toilet bowl fixture Brotherhood of Bhudda” ... who operates saying that it is not conducive to defecate on a reflection channel with incipient performance of the motions. All intent to reunify the fragments of the... Continue Reading →

Sammy Reads the Broken News

    Like I was just saying to my old friend Sammy. Sammy? Yeah? How did we ever think in our wildest dreams that we would ever get it so wrong? Wrong? The way it’s turning out, I mean. Sammy shrugs and says, At least things do keep on turning out. At any given moment,... Continue Reading →

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