Tout Pise

years ago by the calendar we fly to the fabled city on the Arno take a Ryanair from Gerona late in the day so at dark we swoop down into a fogged circle of glittering light, Pisa a galaxy on the dark Ligurian Sea looking back today these brain-file notes are formless as a cluttered... Continue Reading →

Desperately seeking Archimedes

Once, in Syracusa by the sea, we searched all morning long for the birthplace of Archimedes, but found instead the Ristorante-Pizzeria Archemede, open only at night, late. So, disappointed, we gave up and decided to have lunch at the Luna Rossa on the quay near the ducks where we watched a storm rise up from... Continue Reading →

High-density goggles

he alWays knew tHat it WoulD come to thiS aLL the Shattered Letters sPreaD across the NOON sky abJect messaGes strange and iNcoMPReHENsiBLE without High-deNsity GOGGLes StraPPeD to his FuRRy BraiN by a doZeN ReD bungee CORDS PuLLed extra tiGht to Remind him that nothinG LOOKS the same never did stiLL Shines though

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