Study for Sicilian Spacetime

Study for Sicilian Spacetime aliens from outer space have taken up residence where they feel at home inside electric dreams spaces adored by all love in the sparking gyroscopic dreams oh wholly extreme this spinning seems our eternal destiny Sketches by S. Santos-Dumont

Traces of Sibyls in Modica

Traces of Sibyls in Modica One day October 2007 He wept when Sibyl’s oracle Whispered Bet on the Future-Present Remorse response You pilgrim Or go home . Sketch and oracular memoir by Samuel Santos-Dumont

heart-o-pine, part two

heart-o-pine, part two The beginning is all I go to the springs for The thou and thee like I’m awake But spice-blown brows like mine Know’st knots no sailor ever Knew for the knotty Greeks roaming Forgetting, rocking me, oh me Watching history howl with no exit Cloven dry the whiles & feral dogs do... Continue Reading →

Lion the Wonder Dog

Il cane prodigio che lavora in cantiere Ma beve anche grappa e fa le pulizie —Cronaca di Modica, October 12, 2007 ——— Lion the Wonder Dog works in the field. He also drinks grappa, does the cleaning, and wears Roy Orbison shades.

Desperately seeking Archimedes

Once, in Syracusa by the sea, we searched all morning long for the birthplace of Archimedes, but found instead the Ristorante-Pizzeria Archemede, open only at night, late. So, disappointed, we gave up and decided to have lunch at the Luna Rossa on the quay near the ducks where we watched a storm rise up from... Continue Reading →

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