Study for Sicilian Spacetime

Study for Sicilian Spacetime aliens from outer space have taken up residence where they feel at home inside electric dreams spaces adored by all love in the sparking gyroscopic dreams oh wholly extreme this spinning seems our eternal destiny Sketches by S. Santos-Dumont

Manifesto for a Saturday

Manifesto for a Saturday Because, believe me! The secret to spreading more fruits And the greater enjoyment of existence Is to live dangerously! What comfort is found Being able to control yourself To keep the standstill consciousness Acquired by you doing What is usual, traditional and sanctified? Wake up pilgrim! This is truly great New... Continue Reading →

Armistice Day

Armistice Day Notes on the drawing. This piece started out as simply an exercise in layering over an earlier work (the previous post, in fact), which the digital medium is good at. The end of the project came unexpectedly, though. When I popped in the photo-stamp, I had no conscious intention for how it would... Continue Reading →

Horace was alive

Horace was alive (Dada comic strip by Santos-Dumont.) Horace paused beside the road to Valdosta and watched a lone crow faltering and wondered what was allowed. No feeding crows, surely. Yet nothing would dent his powers of affection. He spoke but nothing he said made any difference to the crow or to the people who... Continue Reading →

Book R’view

Ist dis r’view-a ’is book-in izzit exactly what it appears to be so do’n T qsk me whatitis for the crime of possessing a copy of his own book. look-a how them rush in to ferret out, run down, arrest, try, jail, and smother - poets. Away the horde of beast-headed gods, ’way booted out... Continue Reading →

Coeolanth blues

This morning I am going out and not coming back until I have seen the birds that make all that noise no—it really is noise, not your gentle chirping and swaggering song, but sure enough noise, deep clanging of medieval iron chains dragging them- selves across marble floors in some old ruin is what it... Continue Reading →

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