But there’s more… , Part One.

But there is more… , Part One. The lost show opens our renaissance & The twirling Odysseuses ad infinitum Who can, flesh-bound, respect The Taoism of swirling clouds & the political context, groove. But there’s more… It’s worth a trip across the desert To fully love the naked prophet who He, undenounced, has been unrequited... Continue Reading →

Basilica do Bom Jesus

Basilica do Bom Jesus Victor’s mission begins The dawn sun picks at the hilltop Shadows and silence in the valley Victor packs side saddles on his bike Makes the final check of supplies Three coils of rope: cotton, hemp, nylon Flares and spikes and entrenching tools Bicycle repair kit with extra screws and bolts and... Continue Reading →

Ana & Tinman Assess Contingencies

Ana & Tinman Assess Contingencies 1. Hardly a screech was there when Out walked our naked mother instinct Her river barges leaking petroleum She casting nets for contingencies. Being with Ana is like gargling salt water We had crossed humid evenings had we Striding damp-broiled fishy Sounds Ana fronting inked lines for dinner when Humid... Continue Reading →

Aleatoric assemblage (May 1968)

Aleatoric assemblage (May 1968) You are charged with pornogaphy How do you plead? Your Honor this involves Contemporary community standards I would like to point out to the court Whether good or bad— Judge: Oh, I'll go along, counsel I'm quite sure that these pictures are not Above anyone who goes into that shop, And... Continue Reading →

Sweets and the Governor

Sweets and the Governor he was not about to give into the hectoring glances that the people threw his way whenever he went those days uncounted out of mind for that is just what they wanted him to think so he set his mind on distracting memories of lone neglected flights from the Coast to... Continue Reading →


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