Sweets and the Governor

Sweets and the Governor he was not about to give into the hectoring glances that the people threw his way whenever he went those days uncounted out of mind for that is just what they wanted him to think so he set his mind on distracting memories of lone neglected flights from the Coast to... Continue Reading →

Horace was alive

Horace was alive (Dada comic strip by Santos-Dumont.) Horace paused beside the road to Valdosta and watched a lone crow faltering and wondered what was allowed. No feeding crows, surely. Yet nothing would dent his powers of affection. He spoke but nothing he said made any difference to the crow or to the people who... Continue Reading →

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia

A stormy morning as willowy Ophelia scours her way across Hibernia and on into the Hebrides & before me appear’d everything opened & closed & tickering re- elucidating esoteric principles & explaining mantra & clarifffnng a selection of bzerooul eleventh-century statues in Weeoigfyt Tibet together with many superb diagrams designedto “clarifv still & further more... Continue Reading →

Dog Star

Our old friend and fellow traveler, Santos Dumont, met us at the café on the square in centre ville this morning. He was late, as usual, and blamed his tardiness on his blameless car, a 1998 Cent-six with a dented passenger door and no hubcaps. He was a little wild-eyed from, he insisted, an all-night... Continue Reading →

Call the Coast Crime Stoppers

Police have released more grimed-up pictures, (so, so routine when cash is involved) and this typed-up report: Lonely white man robbed a bank just west the casino. White golf cap. Roy Orbison sun glasses. White guayabera shirt two sizes too large. Green striped pants like a clown would wear. No socks. Ratty loafers. Smelled of... Continue Reading →

Birthday eleven

(This fairly long story is a work-in-progress for a collection of texts and images to be published soon by Editions du Réal.)   The man in the photograph is dressed in a uniform, a military uniform, looking wooly and leathery (both the uniform and the man). He holds a cigar in one hand. His left... Continue Reading →

A report from the Coast

Death at the Voodoo Doughnut Shop A recent report from the coast where her last seen loaded             on Pass Road          we think we know more than Iko I no CHIEF POWER SALES  offers no more punishment for a death at the Voodoo Doe-Nut Shop, oh... Continue Reading →


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