The Daring Adventure

“Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.” —Helen Keller (1880-1968) Watercoloring ideas if you don’t worry much about it is a daring adventure, or nothing. Aquarelle © D Young Text © R Young

Coeolanth blues

This morning I am going out and not coming back until I have seen the birds that make all that noise no—it really is noise, not your gentle chirping and swaggering song, but sure enough noise, deep clanging of medieval iron chains dragging them- selves across marble floors in some old ruin is what it... Continue Reading →

Flying taxis

Water contact advisories issued up and down the Coast when the raving Chief Boosie Badazz of the Department says: “All I remember of environmental quality is offering more.” Boosie charted rainfall waking up in the woods for two days.     We said: “Get Boosie over, her husband has a gun aimed at these segments... Continue Reading →

Constantine points

Constantine points his dirty finger up some marble sign extruded right out of belly hole chords they mightily sing angels umbilical across the abyss- inian desert fury wasteland holy hubba hubba the daily news rolls buttered with bile they line the bar bitter while salt-rimed eyes saw better days when bloody nights throbbing out on... Continue Reading →

young once

young once, steel your pale complexion dream the fraudulent mind leaves all imagined without radius or glow simple talk, delicately quiet gestures yes, indicating a future violent certain and yours forget convenience such red words would clothe our haste cleanse anyone of their birthright driven indifference as in who cares finally gravely how they care... Continue Reading →

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