circulation alternée

Photograph by D Young Street still life with traffic light. November 16, 2017. One of the basic situationist practices is the dérive, a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiences. Dérives involve playful-constructive behavior and awareness of psychogeographical effects, and are thus quite different from the classic notions of journey or stroll. —Guy Debord, Theory... Continue Reading →

Traces reflected

Traces reflected Traces of chalk left on the blackboard After you wipe the wet towel across it Words reduced to a scattering of Broken white lines, curves, dashes A new alphabet for a new language Another wipe obliterates the Nascence of a whole literature Deprives countless struggling writers The source of their anguish. Without a... Continue Reading →

A banc public for Didi & Gogo

A banc public for Didi & Gogo It’s like it’s all arranged This natural corner for a Rendezvous, quiet now But wait & take off yer boots The morning will pass & then The drilling grinding sawing Erupt in the middle of the day What are those people up to No good You say, but... Continue Reading →

The meaning of enigma

If you look hard enough, you’ll find that enigma is rife with meaning. For instance, this: enigma 1.Someone perplexing or puzzling. A word people usually use incorrectly. Flipping out and throwing a shoe across the hall at someone's head, hitting them between the eyes. “Had an enigma, ended up with a riddle.” —The Hives I... Continue Reading →

Cassandra revealed

She heaved the hove of harbingers Weaving droves a-swirling in the sky While tending to the messengers & gleaming silken metaphrases. Heaving the hove above a darkling sea, If ever she had words for anyone She tucked them in her hat & called Them mocking birds. Heaving Harbingers masked as mantises Praying for deliverance wherefrom... Continue Reading →

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