Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1

Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1 Valdosta Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry Co. cranked up with re-story-ing movement to crippled realism we broke into noise & then speech textas & ’magiments ideas more complex we now do GLAMs slicing words to sharpen and refine where abrupt action-re-action carries substantial meaning Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry... Continue Reading →

Ana & Tinman Assess Contingencies

Ana & Tinman Assess Contingencies 1. Hardly a screech was there when Out walked our naked mother instinct Her river barges leaking petroleum She casting nets for contingencies. Being with Ana is like gargling salt water We had crossed humid evenings had we Striding damp-broiled fishy Sounds Ana fronting inked lines for dinner when Humid... Continue Reading →

Traces reflected

Traces reflected Traces of chalk left on the blackboard After you wipe the wet towel across it Words reduced to a scattering of Broken white lines, curves, dashes A new alphabet for a new language Another wipe obliterates the Nascence of a whole literature Deprives countless struggling writers The source of their anguish. Without a... Continue Reading →

Sweets and the Governor

Sweets and the Governor he was not about to give into the hectoring glances that the people threw his way whenever he went those days uncounted out of mind for that is just what they wanted him to think so he set his mind on distracting memories of lone neglected flights from the Coast to... Continue Reading →

Felony Mug Shot

Felony Mug Shot She greets the lens with eyes frank Lips tile hard and indecipherable Hair tousled as if the wind screaming Off the Sound twisted and well You know Or is it a wig Sun-bleached Stiffened with The Gulf’s toxic Salty murk She says She’s 42 The Sheriff is charging her with larceny She... Continue Reading →

Gulf Pines

Here is Gulf Pines, an e-chapbook we published earlier this year. You can download it to any e-book or pdf reader. It’s free.

Notes on a Play (2057)

(This is taken from a typescript draft of an idea for a history of the future.) Notes on a Play by Connie M. The year was 2057 and I was forty. It was a time when a Fear swept through the cybersphere. Fear of what? Doesn’t matter. It was just raw fear, a gut-ripping, pointless... Continue Reading →

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