Sutra for a Sunday

Collage drawing inspired by Victor and achieved by R Young with photographs by DC Young.

Sutra for a Sunday

ThiS EaGLe SutRa is the utMost, SuPeRioR

to ALL the SutraS. I haVe CoNstantLy Done my

BeSt to KeeP it Alive aMiDSt aLL the WARS

and other stuPiD

behavioRs of the

SO-CaLLeD Sen-

tieNt BeiNGS

and have NOT Re-

VeaLeD it indis-

CRiMiNateLY. NoW

is the tiMe to

TeaCh it to You,

Who SeeK the Bud-

dha Path, who want

to attaiN ease,

BecoMe AdePt and

WiSe with these

4 SPheReS of the

teaching. Those

Who recite thiS

Sutra wiLL aLWAYs

be Free FRoM Anxie-

ty and iLLNeSS &

wiLL haVe a NoBLe

Countenance. Heed

thiS My brothers &

SiSteRS: KeeP Your

hair Cut ShoRt, not

StYLish, for being

SLaVeS to the Pas-

SiNg fashioN in

Matters of grooming

WiLL not do. You may

Not be boRn into

PoVerty, Lowness,

oR ugLiNess—but

if you Are, bucK up

and nurture your

karMa so aS to get

a betteR deaL in

YouR next journey

thRough the HeLL

of SentieNt Being

becauSe if You do,

then other SentieNt BeiNGS

WiLL want to Meet you foR they LoNG

to encounter and Learn froM a Wise seer.

If You CaN Keep Your

WitS about You, then

aLL the DeVaputras

wiLL seRV you. Sti-

cs and SWORDS

CANNot huRt You,


eitheR. If PeoPLe

SLANder you, these

LiARS ShaLL haVe

theiR MOuthS Se-

ALeD uP. You wiLL

trRaVeL the Land

feaRLessLy, LiKe a

King oR Que-

en & the Light of

YouR wiSdoM wiLL

iLLuMiNate LiKe

the SuN that day

You Sat undeR the

Ancient oliVe tree

outSide of ArLeS

and reVeaLed youRself

to the PeoPLe number-

our as the SandS of

the RhôNe where

it MeetS the Sea at

the Marshes of Les-


La-Mer and did witness

the ToRMenting of

the ToRau by the

MaN in the Black

hat who sWirLeD his

caPe So BeautifuLLY

Like VeroNica and

We Said Press your

PaLmS together and

Pray to Spare the Sen-

tent Being but the

man in BLacK Stabbed

the PooR Sentient buLL

and the PeoPLe ReJoiceD &

made a PoWerfuL MeaL of the Meat

RoasteD on GRiLLS into the NiGht. Ah.


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