But there’s more… , Part One.

But there is more… , Part One. The lost show opens our renaissance & The twirling Odysseuses ad infinitum Who can, flesh-bound, respect The Taoism of swirling clouds & the political context, groove. But there’s more… It’s worth a trip across the desert To fully love the naked prophet who He, undenounced, has been unrequited... Continue Reading →

Study for Sicilian Spacetime

Study for Sicilian Spacetime aliens from outer space have taken up residence where they feel at home inside electric dreams spaces adored by all love in the sparking gyroscopic dreams oh wholly extreme this spinning seems our eternal destiny Sketches by S. Santos-Dumont

Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1

Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1 Valdosta Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry Co. cranked up with re-story-ing movement to crippled realism we broke into noise & then speech textas & ’magiments ideas more complex we now do GLAMs slicing words to sharpen and refine where abrupt action-re-action carries substantial meaning Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry... Continue Reading →

Traces of Sibyls in Modica

Traces of Sibyls in Modica One day October 2007 He wept when Sibyl’s oracle Whispered Bet on the Future-Present Remorse response You pilgrim Or go home . Sketch and oracular memoir by Samuel Santos-Dumont

All for only 1.95

All for only 1.95 Might have been a mountain Or a dinosaur who lived long ago Or a cactus growing in the desert Or nothing tangible at all Might have weaned us Intended us to be multiforalities Like pine sap in the forest Sticky and reeking life Sometimes I lie awake at night Deeply quandering... Continue Reading →

Recovered Poetry, Classifieds Dept., no 5

  Recovered Poetry, Classifieds Dept., no 5 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• YVONNE PLEASE call Aunt Bonnie in N.Y. CoUect. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Bachelor-25 desires affectionate female roommate approx. 21, 5'2" tall, ,1()() Ibs, brunette, musically. or artisti- aIIy inclined, quiet and sensitive. I offer secunty, affection, com- panionsllip, free food-clothes-and booze, and myself Boltom8Barrel ofthe CaU Jim at 761-0553 noon... Continue Reading →

Snow Day, an Eight-Liner (for D)

Snow Day, an Eight-liner (for D) Brisk walking is what they say is the best exercise to strengthen an aging heart, to keep it go- ing, so let’s go you verb and you adjective to pump us on through umber shadows, graphite smudges of light alive with white drifting flocons walking me home to you.... Continue Reading →


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