Epiphyllum oxypatelum

30 October 2017 Monday A whirlwind of a week just passed and more storms ahead not for us here in St.Paul but for the Catalans & Americans each facing in their own way independence/repression indictments/repression so I go scouring the past for answers to today or just to see if the past is not a... Continue Reading →

Satie & Memphis Minnie

Satie & Memphis Minnie Enigmas appear in many sizes & places you were not looking For guises surprising you one Morning late on an autumn Balcony as if the instant Occupied a spot in time & space Tout à coup Yet with a kind of Slow heartbeat Surprise Lentement avec sentiment Satie & Memphis Minne... Continue Reading →

Tout Pise

years ago by the calendar we fly to the fabled city on the Arno take a Ryanair from Gerona late in the day so at dark we swoop down into a fogged circle of glittering light, Pisa a galaxy on the dark Ligurian Sea looking back today these brain-file notes are formless as a cluttered... Continue Reading →

Hercynian Fenohleda

sunrise over the road down from the heights of hercynianFenolheda where, as ever, les vendanges continue as vignerons cart in early dry weather means wine of less volume but better quality we are exiles passing .


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