Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1

Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1 Valdosta Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry Co. cranked up with re-story-ing movement to crippled realism we broke into noise & then speech textas & ’magiments ideas more complex we now do GLAMs slicing words to sharpen and refine where abrupt action-re-action carries substantial meaning Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry... Continue Reading →

Traces of Sibyls in Modica

Traces of Sibyls in Modica One day October 2007 He wept when Sibyl’s oracle Whispered Bet on the Future-Present Remorse response You pilgrim Or go home . Sketch and oracular memoir by Samuel Santos-Dumont

Aleatoric assemblage (May 1968)

Aleatoric assemblage (May 1968) You are charged with pornogaphy How do you plead? Your Honor this involves Contemporary community standards I would like to point out to the court Whether good or bad— Judge: Oh, I'll go along, counsel I'm quite sure that these pictures are not Above anyone who goes into that shop, And... Continue Reading →

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