Ana & Tinman Assess Contingencies

Ana & Tinman Assess Contingencies 1. Hardly a screech was there when Out walked our naked mother instinct Her river barges leaking petroleum She casting nets for contingencies. Being with Ana is like gargling salt water We had crossed humid evenings had we Striding damp-broiled fishy Sounds Ana fronting inked lines for dinner when Humid... Continue Reading →


Photograph by Diana Young. . You like that dreamy, what she called it, sky with fingers tickling out laughter or something else .

Fugue state

He’s a junky for the tune. He can’t kick it, the kick he gets, like one Saturday— he was ten —and the Governor came to town to see his father, drove all the way from the capital like he would do once in a while ’cause they were friends, pals really, the Governor and his... Continue Reading →

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