But there’s more… , Part One.

But there is more… , Part One. The lost show opens our renaissance & The twirling Odysseuses ad infinitum Who can, flesh-bound, respect The Taoism of swirling clouds & the political context, groove. But there’s more… It’s worth a trip across the desert To fully love the naked prophet who He, undenounced, has been unrequited... Continue Reading →

Study for Sicilian Spacetime

Study for Sicilian Spacetime aliens from outer space have taken up residence where they feel at home inside electric dreams spaces adored by all love in the sparking gyroscopic dreams oh wholly extreme this spinning seems our eternal destiny Sketches by S. Santos-Dumont

A Modified Sicilian Octave for the New Year

The new year begins with work on two projects tentatively titled: “Sicilian Spacetime” and “A Half-century Passes, and?” The theme of “Sicilian Spacetime.” On the island of Sicily, aliens from outer space have take control of refrigerators, microwave ovens, television sets and other electrical devices. An assemblage video plus poetry. The theme of “A Half-century... Continue Reading →

Snow Day, an Eight-Liner (for D)

Snow Day, an Eight-liner (for D) Brisk walking is what they say is the best exercise to strengthen an aging heart, to keep it go- ing, so let’s go you verb and you adjective to pump us on through umber shadows, graphite smudges of light alive with white drifting flocons walking me home to you.... Continue Reading →

At the corner (four versions)

Four versions of “At the corner” 1. Of summer, of the man on notice there where the corner aches in his trash long redolent of the bar down the street a cig-butt nobody he is to the point but he strings along & sips his beer and it’s the seventh sidewalk electric-live lights all around... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday five-liner

waking up this morning icy tramontana broad shouldered gale blatant enemy of trance thief of peace and sleep Photograph ©D Young. St. Paul de Fenouillet, October 2015. Cinquain ©R Young


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