A note from Sweety Bonita

Land of Humans, S.V.P. Who am the birth in your backyard That you’ve come a-poem Infinite births seeded Are on hold Your starry hands out in the sky Hide a heart ready to reheat Not enough for each other To look mobilized, to Hide behind words Reflect common goals. Is there no Love where Inside... Continue Reading →

Manifesto for a Saturday

Manifesto for a Saturday Because, believe me! The secret to spreading more fruits And the greater enjoyment of existence Is to live dangerously! What comfort is found Being able to control yourself To keep the standstill consciousness Acquired by you doing What is usual, traditional and sanctified? Wake up pilgrim! This is truly great New... Continue Reading →

ballade méchanique

ballade méchanique w1TH the Packmag electnr mutnr, a can of AmhtnizL three or tour flashlight u-lk. and a bit of cardboard, a very sctnccablc nmdvl clcctnc launch can be mada Buih from thr hut-s furnished 0n page 26 1t \\i|] be mull 1111111111 1-1 tun in a hath “m, yet “<11 be large 1 cnuugh... Continue Reading →

Felony Mug Shot

Felony Mug Shot She greets the lens with eyes frank Lips tile hard and indecipherable Hair tousled as if the wind screaming Off the Sound twisted and well You know Or is it a wig Sun-bleached Stiffened with The Gulf’s toxic Salty murk She says She’s 42 The Sheriff is charging her with larceny She... Continue Reading →

Horace was alive

Horace was alive (Dada comic strip by Santos-Dumont.) Horace paused beside the road to Valdosta and watched a lone crow faltering and wondered what was allowed. No feeding crows, surely. Yet nothing would dent his powers of affection. He spoke but nothing he said made any difference to the crow or to the people who... Continue Reading →

Notes on a Play (2057)

(This is taken from a typescript draft of an idea for a history of the future.) Notes on a Play by Connie M. The year was 2057 and I was forty. It was a time when a Fear swept through the cybersphere. Fear of what? Doesn’t matter. It was just raw fear, a gut-ripping, pointless... Continue Reading →


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