A note from Sweety Bonita

Land of Humans, S.V.P. Who am the birth in your backyard That you’ve come a-poem Infinite births seeded Are on hold Your starry hands out in the sky Hide a heart ready to reheat Not enough for each other To look mobilized, to Hide behind words Reflect common goals. Is there no Love where Inside... Continue Reading →

Threnody for Tristan Tzara

We had not seen or heard from Sam for a few days, so we walked over to his house to make sure he was okay. It was a beautiful, sunny day. November gold everywhere in the trees, in the vineyards. Off in the distance barking sanglier dogs. The sweet aroma of burning chêne and hêtre.... Continue Reading →

circulation alternée

Photograph by D Young Street still life with traffic light. November 16, 2017. One of the basic situationist practices is the dérive, a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiences. Dérives involve playful-constructive behavior and awareness of psychogeographical effects, and are thus quite different from the classic notions of journey or stroll. —Guy Debord, Theory... Continue Reading →

Olifant echo

Olifant echo Pizza Churros Snack On the road to El Pas De la Casa Andorra Riot of assembled Texts mountain high Pizza Churros Snack On the summit of life Gone to shop where An olifant wailed Roland To a martyr’s death Pizza Churros Snack Who the hell plays Olifant tunes anymore Would we even know... Continue Reading →

reading the old news

Significantly, after spending a morning and half an afternoon reworking the Carnival site, I had a strange interaction with the some old news which puzzled me because it wasn’t old at all. S1gntf1contly, none of them denied they hod the power to cHed th••r ,...: Thus, if we who o_re involved in promollng change in... Continue Reading →


  Some dada for a Saturday This old photograph of Bugarach taken from the Col St. Louis a couple of years back got stuck to this Letter received with a fountain pen ordered from Japan (Seriously, decipher this and win a thousand). Dear sir/medal Yhulr 1w hr lvvvlnv (h! vwdx. In all A Ildc ruwa... Continue Reading →

The 2057 Maracock Festival

maracock, n. The fruit of any of certain American passion flowers, especially the may-pop, (Passiflora incarnata). Welcome! Camp Harmony Achilles Turpentine Refinery and Monte’s World of Salvage Outlet present 12th Annual Mirabeau County Maracock Festival Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen! Discover the amazing uses of wild maypop! It’s easy and fun. You can fry fresh... Continue Reading →


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