Threnody for Tristan Tzara

We had not seen or heard from Sam for a few days, so we walked over to his house to make sure he was okay. It was a beautiful, sunny day. November gold everywhere in the trees, in the vineyards. Off in the distance barking sanglier dogs. The sweet aroma of burning chêne and hêtre.... Continue Reading →

reading the old news

Significantly, after spending a morning and half an afternoon reworking the Carnival site, I had a strange interaction with the some old news which puzzled me because it wasn’t old at all. S1gntf1contly, none of them denied they hod the power to cHed th••r ,...: Thus, if we who o_re involved in promollng change in... Continue Reading →

ballade méchanique

ballade méchanique w1TH the Packmag electnr mutnr, a can of AmhtnizL three or tour flashlight u-lk. and a bit of cardboard, a very sctnccablc nmdvl clcctnc launch can be mada Buih from thr hut-s furnished 0n page 26 1t \\i|] be mull 1111111111 1-1 tun in a hath “m, yet “<11 be large 1 cnuugh... Continue Reading →

heart-o-pine, part two

heart-o-pine, part two The beginning is all I go to the springs for The thou and thee like I’m awake But spice-blown brows like mine Know’st knots no sailor ever Knew for the knotty Greeks roaming Forgetting, rocking me, oh me Watching history howl with no exit Cloven dry the whiles & feral dogs do... Continue Reading →

Sweets and the Governor

Sweets and the Governor he was not about to give into the hectoring glances that the people threw his way whenever he went those days uncounted out of mind for that is just what they wanted him to think so he set his mind on distracting memories of lone neglected flights from the Coast to... Continue Reading →

Felony Mug Shot

Felony Mug Shot She greets the lens with eyes frank Lips tile hard and indecipherable Hair tousled as if the wind screaming Off the Sound twisted and well You know Or is it a wig Sun-bleached Stiffened with The Gulf’s toxic Salty murk She says She’s 42 The Sheriff is charging her with larceny She... Continue Reading →

Gulf Pines

Here is Gulf Pines, an e-chapbook we published earlier this year. You can download it to any e-book or pdf reader. It’s free.

Horace was alive

Horace was alive (Dada comic strip by Santos-Dumont.) Horace paused beside the road to Valdosta and watched a lone crow faltering and wondered what was allowed. No feeding crows, surely. Yet nothing would dent his powers of affection. He spoke but nothing he said made any difference to the crow or to the people who... Continue Reading →

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