Rugged Rugged Out, dog! out, cur! thou drivest me past the bounds! —Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Use this, a whitewall tire skidding on a dark night, a shadowy cityscape a rain-coated woman approaches up the steamy street one moment she is a silhouette in the street light a misted penumbra pain is here and... Continue Reading →

But there’s more… , Part One.

But there is more… , Part One. The lost show opens our renaissance & The twirling Odysseuses ad infinitum Who can, flesh-bound, respect The Taoism of swirling clouds & the political context, groove. But there’s more… It’s worth a trip across the desert To fully love the naked prophet who He, undenounced, has been unrequited... Continue Reading →

heart-o-pine, part two

heart-o-pine, part two The beginning is all I go to the springs for The thou and thee like I’m awake But spice-blown brows like mine Know’st knots no sailor ever Knew for the knotty Greeks roaming Forgetting, rocking me, oh me Watching history howl with no exit Cloven dry the whiles & feral dogs do... Continue Reading →

Manifesto D(ist)ress Code

  Manifesto D(ist)ress Code Relating to nature I could be imprisoned for one year And fined a few thousand That’s how threatening The human body has become To the Sterile Society, so me I witness to all ages Herewith: Free people who wish a free world Yes, free all those nekked buggers. Article no one:... Continue Reading →

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