Be Not the Troubled Seeker


Be not the troubled seeker

Children, whenever arises desire, passion, aversion, delusion, or mental resistance with regard to forms cognizable via the eye, you should hold the mind in check. Otherwise you’re gonna lose your cool.

—-Old Pali saying, reconsidered

Suppose the troubled seeker

walks into Fabre’s Groc.

on a hot July morning

looking for the answer


there he is, the grocer Justin

peacefully asleep behind the cash register.

Does the seeker awaken him,

bug the grocery man?

The seeker needed to know

what unsettled his mind.

Justin, without opening his eyes

answers the question not spoken.

What you want here is nothing.

Doesn’ exist.

Never has been.

What you seek is nothing to me now.

What you seek will never, ever be.

What you seek will never, ever be to me.

Whatever you think there is,

Whatever you think is produced,

This nothingness

You must discard.

Forget it.

Only in this way,

Will you gain

That composure you seek.

Only by ceasing to seek

What does not exist,

Will you ever get calm in your head.

And only then will you

Quit bothering me

On a hot, breathless day

Like this and

Like me, delight in your equanimity.

Really get into the groove.

Welcome that peace in your head.

Get yourself

Wrapped up in it.

Let your consciousness

Settle in it.

Now get the fuck outa here

And let me sleep.


Thus spoke one of the great

Bodhisattvas of all time.

Video and text by R Young, wishing all and every a great day.


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