{)4¶infs (A Morning Plea)

(Digitally retrieved by
Samuel Santos-Dumont
on 30 November 2017
and herewith presented
unedited ((mostly))
from the front page of
the seventh issue of
The Buddhist Thirdclass Journal Oracle
published exactly ((almost))
fifty years ago,
thus proving
good morning
pleas they
ought not
be deleted
while listening
to Woody Guthrie
singing “I’ve
Got to Know.”)

I’ve Got To Know
Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

I’ve got to know, yes, I’ve got to know, friend;
Hungry lips ask me wherever I go!
Comrades and friends all falling around me
I’ve got to know, yes, I’ve got to know.

Why do your war boats ride on my waters?
Why do your death bombs fall from my skies?
Why do you burn my farm and my town down?
I’ve got to know, friend, I’ve got to know!

What makes your boats haul death to my people?
Nitro blockbusters, big cannons and guns?
Why doesn’t your ship bring food and some clothing?
I’ve sure got to know, folks, I’ve sure got to know!

Why can’t my two hands get a good pay job?
I can still plow, plant, I can still sow!
Why did your lawbook chase me off my good land?
I’d sure like to know, friend, I’ve just got to know!

What good work did you do, sir, I’d like to ask you,
To give you my money right out of my hands?
I built your big house here to hide from my people,
Why you crave to hide so, I’d love to know!

You keep me in jail and you lock me in prison,
Your hospital’s jammed and your crazyhouse full,
What made your cop kill my trade union worker?
You’ll hafta talk plain ’cause I sure have to know!

Why can’t I get work and cash my big paycheck?
Why can’t I buy things in your place and your store?
Why do you close my plant down and starve all my buddies?
I’m asking you, sir, ’cause I’ve sure got to know!



o ye GUrtls and Devas, and ye l}iikinis.
the Faithful Ones, Hearken now
out of [your] great love and compassion:
Obeisance, 0 ye assemblage of Gurus and {)4¶infs;
Out of your great love, lead us along the Path.
[.) When, through illusion, I and others are wandering

Along the bright light-path undistracted
listening, reflecting, and meditating,
May the CItrus of tIle Inspired Line lead us,
May the bands of Mothers be our rear-guard,
May we be saved from the fearful
narrow passage-way


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