IMG_3652Photograph by Diana Young

Just read the latest news by email.
A complaint of suspicious activity
At a beach hotel known for sin.
A self-professed prostitute
Identified the man in an adjacent room
As her pimp, an investigator said.
She told officers desperate lies.
Deputies arrested both of them.
Police summoned a K-9 team.
They believed drugs were in the rooms.

Deputies arrested both of them.
Felony charges of meth possession,
Promoting prostitution, resisting.
The man admitted he was pimping,
Overseeing her services,
Selling sex for money.

“They were in it together,” the Deputy said.
According to her, any token of gratitude is worth a nickel.
Likes to have a shower in the morning,
Singing that old treasure song about
The stolen figurine that comes asking for bread.

Don’t you see? Stupidity jumps both ways.
An enigma jumps both ways, too. And I think
A fly in the house is fucking cosmopolitan,
It’s like having a trained assassin stay overnight,
Or letting heartbreaking lies
Roll over us like a summer breeze.


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