One morning while messing around in the kitchen, the solution to which I had no problem came to me in the form of an abstract formula: Aubergine3. Aubergine Cubed.

These random elements of the supra-mundane void remind us that none of it exists, at least not on a plane that humans can wrap themselves around constructively. We trouble ourselves over-much about the whats and wherefores of existence and thus miss out on some of its niftier aspects, those things in your life that keep you coming back again day after day, the things you’d miss if you vanished. Your beloved’s voice anytime. Having a pair of socks to put on in the morning. That extra minute while waiting for the bus downtown. The cries of the hirondelles. The first iris in a roadside clay bank. A drink of cold water. La petite noisette under the platanes.

Have a great weekend.


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