Leica mini II

View from our back balcony.

The analog photography project here at studio arago has recently risen to a new level with the arrival of the Leica mini II—the type of camera we used to all “point and shoot”—which we purchased from a dealer in Germany.

It arrived in its original package and appears to have been hardly —if ever—used. With one roll of Kodak 400 ASA b/w film shot and processed, the verdict is that Leica can’t be beat.

DC’s old Leica M3, which we bought in New Orleans in 1984 from a used camera dealer named Alfredo, served her well in the days when analog still ruled, but with the arrival of digital–and the need to raise cash–the M3 was sold (along with a Hasselblad). With our recent return to analog, having a Leica in hand is taking her down memory lane, for sure.

And, to my eye, she hasn’t lost her touch or eye. I mean, I can stand on the balcony for an hour and nothing happens. No people walk by. The sun never comes out. But for her, the world comes alive when she’s got a camera in her hand. Now that she’s got that Leica, who knows what she’ll see.

More images from the first roll, all taken from the back balcony.

Have a great Sunday!


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