How to make a sketchbook

A handmade sketchbook is

Easy to make.

If you want a square one

Just trim a sheet of A4 paper

To make it square.

You don’t even need scissors.

Fold one corner to opposite edge

Mark where the corner touches.

Fold the page at that mark

And crease


And you’ve got two pieces, a


And an odd shape that

Can be used for many things

So be clever.

Draw, paint, collage, etc.

Front and back, or


When you’ve got a few squares —


All and any kind

Of paper is okay

It’s your sketchbook, my right?—

Pay attention

This is important.

Punch a couple of holes

On one side

At the same place

On all the sheets.

Then get you some rings

And ring it up.


You want to add pages?

Take pages out?

Rearrange pages?

Just undo the rings

And have at it.

Unlike most things in life

The handmade sketchbook

Is pretty uncomplicated.

But trust me

If you work at it

You can make a horror show

Out of it.

But why do that?

Text and sketchbook by R Young.



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