Born in a Pine

Born in a pine, heart of the wood, heart pine.

That’s what you want your floors made of,

Oh boy.

What you can walk on for centuries &

Be remembered.

Yes, I was there the whiles it took

At the beginning when time was not yet space.

Years yokes where beings several and devine

Dithered as cannibals eating words, saying:

What does this turning the whole world

Into a Muddy Vortex mean?

Yeah, it refers to the Great Uh

From which the very— no

Beginning time (sextant and always was)—

Has existed latent and idle—

It has never been brought forth by science—

Wolves, dark thou maddest, using immaculate

Piano-tuners who need key cleaners

So they howl

In the Nirvana-woods with patience

Please and Passion drugs

To embrace the Persistent-

Flavored horror of typewriter fugues

Along the rank- & forever-singed streets

thinking to blame me.

R Young. April 2021.


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