On the Road to Quéribus

On the Road to Quéribus, March 2020 (Photo by R Young)

Another in the Analog Series, a photo taken with an Olympus SLR camera c. 1975.

On the Road to Quéribus

Last year about this time

we could still hit the road any day

we wanted and not worry about

defying lockdown rules

or getting fined if we got caught.

A year later and the situation is better.

We are getting vaccinated,

though the process is protracted,

but the infection still spreads

because people don’t heed the science.

What good’s science if you ignore it?

Might as well be back in the middle ages

when the mountain stronghold of Quéribus

was one of the last bastions

of the Cathar heretics who

had been hunted down for over a century

by the forces of the king of France

and local dukes and counts who

couldn’t say no to a good crusade

against their own people for being

obstinate adherents to their ancient,

quirky take on religion, which

wasn’t science,

nobody thought much of science

in those days and believed

in miracles and mountebanks

preaching, literally, pie in the sky

upon death, or, if not properly blessed,

fire in the hole.

Glad it’s better now,

but how much, really?

Theives and mountebanks still thrive

in times of chaos, so beware

on the road to Quéribus.

Have a great weekend.


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