Dame-jeanne in the sun: analog photograph in a new series

Dame-jeanne in the sun. Photograph by DC Young

This photo was taken with a Rolleicord camera using Kodak film a couple of years ago when we were reviving analog photography in our work. We had just purchased Rolleicord and Olympus cameras and were bringing back to life the joys of what some would call real photography.

This image was made shortly before the Covid pandemic slowed down our interaction with the people who do the developing of the film and digitizing of the negatives for printing. We are returning to working with analog again, now that we’re feeling less restrained by the restrictions imposed on travel and social contact.

This is the first in an ongoing series of photographs using analog cameras, film, and chemical processing. The physical negatives are scanned with high-definition scanners which allow for printing with high-quality printers on photographic paper to produce archival prints.

We treasure the prints which survive from the old days of printing with chemistry, but those days are pretty much gone. Even so, analog photography is far superior to digital when it comes to the physical interaction of the photographer with the tangible world, the photons interacting with emulsion on film is an instant of time caught in a way that cannot be replicated by numbers in a computer.

Analog photography has never disappeared. In fact, it is making somewhat of a resurgence as old-timers return to the cameras and techniques of their younger days and young photographers are discovering the pleasures and plusses of non-digital photography.

In future posts, we will point to others who are working with analog equipment and processes.


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