1. Thanks a bunch! I’ glad someone gets it! I do think & see analogically—in fact, I once had an old US Army WWII issue Bell & Howell 16mm Filmo and made collage films with it, all lost now, sadly—Î even processed my own film! B/w of course—and got some fabulous “mistakes”—Jonas Mekas was my guiding star. But he, too, is sadly gone, but his films show up on MUBI !!


      1. I once owned a few pre-digital SLR cameras, Pentax, Praktica (very noisy shutter! lol!) as well as an Olympus but never a movie camera. I wonder what happened to all the old non-digital cameras. I googled and see there is a market for them even now! At art college I did a very brief course in movies once with a 16mm (I think it was a German camera… can’t recall now, so long ago) or was it a Super 8?? Interesting but a lot of technical stuff involved. I’m not familiar with Jonas Mekas’ work. I see he died only very recently after a long life… yes, ‘the godfather of American avant-garde cinema’ nice to be remembered for something like that! Just watched an excerpt from Lost Lost Lost. Fascinating! A documentary almost. I like the associative (as opposed to the logical) connections. Thanks!


      2. Yeah, there’s quite a market in analog cameras, etc. Our Rolleicord & Olympus were bought on EBay at not too bad a price, really. The Rollei was pristine—50 yrs old!—but I had to rework the Olympus light seal , which seems to be pretty standard for old slurs, but it was easy with a kit ordered on the Internet! Amazing. the shutter & all else wrk perfectly. I’ll post some. Bravo for checking out Mekas, a true innovator & influence.

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