We’re back

4382BE40-96B1-4DE3-BFE9-C713463BAA0DAfter a long hiatus, we are back, with a new home at Studio Arago. More info to come and some new projects to share. Getting settled has not been easy, but here we are and we are ready.



    1. Thanks, Charle Z. Missed all our old pals, truly, but went through a dizzying time of moving to a new home and getting it set up for good living (no roof leaks, etc.!) and various other health and income complexities. Anyway, we’re back and thriving. Working on analog photography, back to our origins, so to speak. Went through a period of disdain for the world created by homo digital and have found good compromises. The reprints of the full Walt Kelly Pogo comic strips from the fifties to the seventies are now on kindle and thus affordable for the likes of me, who grew up with and was mind shaped by the denizens of Okefenokee, so life goes absurdly on. Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to catching up on your recent posts.

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