The End . . . an insider’s view (video)


The End . . . an insider’s view

Here is the earlier post, with text and stills from the video. Our thanks to Minnie Bloom for producing this piece.



  1. Lovely video assemblage. I like your ability to combine colors, sounds, movements, symbols. The initial philosophical question of the world and its end on black awakens interest in the viewer. As the video moves on I perceive Minnie Bloom’s words connected to images of wary workers losing balance and falling, being victims of some written words like “billionaires”. I could even think this is a homage to all world’s workers subject to multiple injustices. After all today is May First.

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    1. You get it. In fact, you opened my eyes to some themes I hoped would come through but was not so sure about. Anyway, it’s great to have thoughtful comments on these pieces. I’m not aggressive about promoting the blog or the works that get posted there, figuring, I guess, that the cybersphere is a scary, truth-distorting realm that needs to be entered with extreme caution. So D & I don’t get lots of viewers, but the ones who find us seem to be okay with what we do. We have also posted for years on Flickr, which is the best site for photography. It’s not social-media oriented (like Instagram, Twitter, etc.) so attention gets focused on the images. Anyway, thanks again for tuning in. More is on the way.

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