No Manipulations

Web_ready 24

No Manipulations

With no place to go
you have no choice
about where
to go, no

dilemmas on that score, no
slinkin you way up
dem pavéd way
seeker of the path
back home, no

Web_ready 25

you don got to ponder
pitiful dreary dings, no,
slinkin you way up
da pavéd way
home, no

yes, but you da seeker, yes,
you da seeker babe, o yes,
but not for da place
o de crews a-fixin,
nailin you down, you
ramblin soul you

okay, so
you got turkle
shell an all dat
malarkey, but hey

you got da home, bebby,
at shellish
carapace cover
Airstream classic wit
you bod stufféd inside, you,
you kicking glee

tamale juice runnin
down you fingers
go on, lick


Photographs by D Young. Windows on Rue Jean Moulin, St. Paul de Fenouillet. (no manipulations)

Verse by R Young. “No place to go.” No manipulations.


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