Another Equinox on Patmos

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Another Equinox on Patmos

So we have suffered another equinox splendid,
Allowed spring rites to be underperformed again,
Speaking silvery locutions long relegated to the
Garbage Can of Historical Fiction as such. But

Why? What is wrong with demanding the truth?
When is the right time to perk up the gut
And go for it with daggers of impertinence?
Why comfort our moral qualms? Why

Prevaricate? It has been the end of the world forever.
Every round of human spawn says so. My time’s
The Apocalypse cause I see what Saint John saw while
Crapping on the hillside outside his cave constantly

Warning the ages that good mountain mushrooms
Unhinge stuck doors by confounding wrong with right.

Text & image by R Young, guilty of unhinged sonnetry & video collages. Tant pis.


1 Comment

  1. A tribute to the real values against our current handfuls of lies and fake news. Like this very much: “What is wrong with demanding the truth?” Artists and writers should be truth and beuty seekers.


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