Broad Band T.P. Casts announced

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In honor of the premier of “Poetry is Revolution,” the Valdosta Interbrain Project announces the upstart of the Broad Band T.P. (telepathy) Casts on March 21, 2018, the fifty-sixth anniversary of “Study on the End of the World, Part 2” by Yves Tinguely and Nikki de Saint Phalle in the desert outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

Broad Band T.P. Casts

Interbrain de Valdosta
will start weekly experimental
180 seconds (3 minutes)
Broad Band T.P. (telepathy) casts

from G.M.T. 04:01 ± 00:15

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

(the anniversary of Art Project “Study on the End of the World, Part 2” by Yves Tanguely and Nikki de Saint Phalle at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Set your watch on the hourly signal.

PROGRAM 04:01—
Five (5) simple images
repeated at various speeds.

PROGRAM 01:15—
Five (5) prime numbers.

PROGRAM 01:30—
Two (2) ideas, emotions, or feelings

PROGRAM 01:45—
Message of goodwill
to friendly telepathic beings
(intelgent and sentient)
in universe
expressing desire for contact.
Please reinforce this thought
by thinking similarly
during specified 15 second period.

PROGRAM 04:02:00—
Channels open to receive
from anyone or anything anywhere.

PROGRAM 04:03:00—
Acknowledgment of receptions
if any.

PROGRAM 03:55—
Greetings and sign off.

Written acknowledgments
of reception details
will be appreciated.
Please send them c/o Studio Réal.
Indicate apparent location
of the source of the BB T.P.
(Broad Band Tele Pathy) casts
and YOUR exact location.

Love, Interbrain de Valdosta

Study for the End of the World, Part 2


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