Spacetime dada: Letters to EVO 

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Spacetime dada: Letters to EVO

Another example of existential spacetime dada
from the East Village Other, published in February 1968.

Try to express the emotion.

Try to pinpoint
when NOW ceased
to be.

Dear EVO,
Your whole paper is fantastic.
It’s such a comfort
for me to know
there are other people out there
who know the need
for a complete revolution.
But most of all
you are speaking
right out in the open.
Your articles
“Tales From The Land of Was”
are so fucking beautiful.
Words can’t express
the emotions I feel
for your thing.
All I can say is WOW!
If you need
any financial aid
I will give you
what I can
(which is very little,
$10 or $15).
I Love You.
Steve Argila
P.S. Contact me
if you want the bread.

East Village Other, February 1968.



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