Meditation on Caruso Slow



Caruso Slow

Meditation on Caruso Slow

You may take lips for granted.
But you would be wrong to do that.
When you consider what all lips can do
You realize just how shallow & un-hip
People can be without half trying.
Lips have so much to offer.

Lips are blessed with flexibility & silky shapes
Numbering a galaxy’s worth & more.
Such emotive expressions lips make.
The pout. The purse-tight. The unforgiving.
The ironic. The droll. The smirk.
Nobody likes smirk-lipped scroungers.

Run out of grimaces to fiddle with?
Try some words.
Lips are capable of elaborate infinities of rage
& love & cetera.
You’d be surprised at what lips can say.

Lips pucker. It’s one of the best things lips do.
Imagine a kiss. Now imagine the kiss-puckered liips
Whistling, happy as a bird in the live oaks,
Or whistling angry as some ball game heckler.

Kiss, whistle. Keep your semiotic idiocy
To yourself and just blow. Isn’t that what
Lauren said to Bogie. Just pucker up and

Suck. You can suck with lips.
Forget about your mind. Lips came first.
Before you done any thinkin at all
You was-a suckin.

Got to spread those lips and eat,
If you want to survive.
Later you can sing and
Tell stories and other lies—
And truths. Don’t forget truth:

Lips can speak the truth.
You would be surprised.



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