Magic Ra


Magic Ra

Mine was of the beaten gold
Yours it was but tin
Mine was of the beaten gold
Yours it was but tin
—Traditional Irish, “The Lass of Aughrim”

What does it mean, tinning around and obelisking? It’s a raucous parade it is, the day we set out traipsing the outlines of insipid spacetime experiments conducted by Charlie the Scientist working his carnival groupies who carousel and knuckle up the bone-contented alligator snapping at the waltzing Macs and Matildas sponging the news like a couple of troupers, oh and you must forget not the geisha, she who burnishes the magic sun disk so-called Ra, she who whispers to the roustabouts and the truck boys, she who lifts the curtain, she who’s the mother of all.


Video assemblage & poem by R Young.



  1. Wonderful video assemblage and poem, you are a complete artist/writer! To me both creations possess the beauty of the strange. I think you are depicting life as we see it. Everything here is perceived as blurred (images and words) because all we can have are individual perceptions aiming at getting to know what we define as tangible reality. In this respect I agree with Charliezero that it is surrealist art with a lot of symbology. BTW, thank you again for liking my blogposts.


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