Project 68: “Thoughts on Tantra” for the week of January 26-February 1

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Project 68: “Thoughts on Tantra” for the week of January 26-February 1

Scanned with OCR from the underground press this week, some thoughts on Tantra. Just let your awareness be free and let the text make sense. It will.

Thanks to Sam Santos-Dumont & Minnie Bloom for this bit of countercultural asemic dada. They swear by Tantric consciousness, but gently.

Thoughts on Tantra

A eroup can begin to practice Tantra
in a dark musi;:,
ti:ing in a circle, t<;’..J.qq.u.!>
‘0!7-e .aYlo”t-Qer, £lana t o h a n j .

S u c h a grOl. p ,

“Iill.! sa;y$·”
“viII cenerate a
A group-
f’jY·ld is”
the phase before
the cr.oab.lre,
the new presencre
just now cominG intb being.
At first you experience it as a tin- !
Slc in t.;he f Ingers,
as a ncte from mind
to .r.” lnc., as .§l cireuit,
then as a power sur,.-e of
· 1 n . ; : : c i – d u s n e s s :
a g r e a t :nind cB!)able 01’
f.’lulti-dimensicnal ecstasy.

I'””,-GUAIWs –....
-. –

R Young, Ed.


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