What if you followed the Berkeley Barb January 19-26?

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What if you followed the Berkeley Barb January 19-26?

What if you followed what is accepted as the emergent view of the relevant 7 disinherited underground supernumerary Drug-edited Leary Yang Freaks?

What if you said, “I mean, IS it like: baby, I’d like to know more & I am Adaptable?”

You understand free, standing structures for itching because the same symptoms may be sketches of garden trees, dogs, etc.

We have always known that Dr. Quiet is assured a clean basement for $15 a week to teach Black Magic Sorcery & Jazz, a venue thoughtful and independent for consensual dinners, concerts, companionship, fun. Please say yes.

FRANK wants to see you badly, sweetheart. He is in the hosp & does not know of any evidence supporting Dr. Quiet’s observation laid on him by wandering snarks.

You always offered wild paintings, lithium-graphs, colored inks, portraits of the Lost Patrol. You gambled Free Rates always.

Didn’t we enroll for the Special Student Study in Evolution of the Self as Marlon Brando in Dementia HANDSOME?

Yes, Lenny was attractive, a pleasant age 30, desiring Paintings, sculptures, mandalas, for his simulated Ethnic thrust. Alas, It’s over.

Will you Beg for replies? All will be answered, even recorded messages, musical instrumenta, all under $90. Clean, neat, dependable, quiet, strong, Serious, special, discreet—yes, serious—wants, seeks MODERN DANCE girl to care for son in Australia. Fee negotiable.

It was always like this Berkeley Area mixed-media Music Shop needed to see you badly, every Thurs pm, very clean & knowing how to perform for conventions with the same BAREFOOT Intensity. Dig?

If you are pretty normal for example and you be interested in tetracycline & Jane Fonda, you may Send your free description of news that vaginal bacteria are killed & collected & semen is frozen & ejaculate is starting homeward after versatile weekends.

I’m tired of cold, status-seeking, adaptable suppositories. Must sell before MONDAY wears me out.

Oh, you recall him saying HOUSEBOYS AND MAIDS wanted & Must improvise live encounters with Dementia art-crafts, handmade things, & PHOTOS FROM paintings part-time or else become a fighter for the free world. I mean, don’t forget.

Gloria said “EYELASHES Make emerald embellishments to an unlimited supply of cows in heat,” which she swore was just an advertisement gimmick, but baby, the beauty of Walden Two cannot be WELL ENDOWED with wit-humor for him/her who deeply enjoys a friendly animal snog.

He hawked brand new furniture for MALE MODELS available for free counseling service sponsored by students who must attend classes, knowing that women were especially susceptible.

You loved the Improvisational Theater Cigar-sensuous above all, my child. You were not afraid to laugh + swing the North Calif. EXCLUSIVE WAR OF THE BUTTONS, my heart.

Face the truth of the LIMITED Reply by mail only quizzes offered by Howard to the interested and inexperienced with love & security desiring secret meetings with dominant brains. What choice do you think about?

He said he must sell All convertible qualities with slim build, she Must be sincere-shy in a small private home with serious passive antibiotics when a broad spectrum is given a Way to MEDITATE her Passion in pretty black-haired, Experimental guitar riffs.

IS THERE a beauty in Berkeley who would stall her life thru Feb 25? Dr. Schoenfeld welcomes your questions. Write to Eugene for symptoms. But when broad spectrum antibiotics are given, new art works couldn’t miss with Micheline. Don’t spend another weekend cruising thru ’68. You may help me broaden my interests so Drop me a photo, please?

No money down payable up to 2 months with interest both good & heads up FLEA MARKETs by arrangement. Beg, Write, occur, sneeze, CONTACT, employ, show, crave.

He sought a double bed with worktable below & Adjustable, included with muscular, successful, manly, yng, educ, looking for a similar woman in Vista Grande. Aren’t we glad?

I got well-acquainted with the glycerine breeze and the obscene bird and the Indian swami of a vast solitude and asked the been-happy paper-vending freak on Haight Street why the psychedelic generation is based on Ordinary, discursive, analytic, radically anxious perceptions or not.

I swear the sixth ex-pression is Gary Snyder’s equally new unchanging Smith to a non-reader of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and Sutra.

You can write, SUFFER, Pray to Walt Whitman in the changing Remember, like rock lyrics this stuff is, on the nature of the irrational represented by 6 yin widely printed in the Vortex. Why are we referring to the lines of the hexagrams?

And in a piece by the brother of Ravi Shankar’s tailor and six later essays of life in the America century of the new, deservedly-abandoned number, whole and characteristic of The Who, are nine lines divided by virtues or attributes In the third movement best defineed as Ginsberg-Gary going on.

Does king Wăn quote a piece by Smith on the sartorial style growing out of the Haight Ashbury experiment edited by Leary and available through City Lights?

The best chronical Drug includes The danger & is yang and lucidity without temporal measure of police brutality and undivided humility. The result would be good fortune in tight hexagrams.

You don’t know what it is applies to the geodesic dragons appearing in the yin of those tired revolutionary stirrings of the young and Hank Williams-esque restless.


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