But there’s more… , Part One.

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But there is more… , Part One.

The lost show opens our renaissance &
The twirling Odysseuses ad infinitum
Who can, flesh-bound, respect
The Taoism of swirling clouds
& the political context, groove.
But there’s more…

It’s worth a trip across the desert
To fully love the naked prophet who
He, undenounced, has been unrequited
Again & remains of some interest.
But there’s more…

Nothing offends me, not all the incense,
Burned people on altars in question, nor
The suave among you praying
Your sacred infinity while she seeks a way,
My horse unveiled.
No, nothing.
But there’s more…

A gust approaches &
Demeanor-charming looks decompose
Eyes I’ve found desiring, while
At the statue, with surprise & marvels
Of the age of changes hardened by magical nature,
I stand.
But, hey, there’s more…

AG’s immodest awareness
Measured & reassured
By doubtful peace & their bodies,
This does form their protests &
No doubt they are related,
The wind & the great artist.
But there’s more…

The background I reproduce, silently rolls
In front of the travelers, pilgrims,
His faithful handful & their
Secret way home fixed by rampant divas
& Allen Ginsberg intent on revolution.
But there’s more…

The auld lang syne is no theorem,
Words recorded with answer tones
& verses obscene, profound, & plausible
As wire-inducting coils,
His eyes clear & quiet
& kind enough & radically changing.
But there’s more…

A vague, dry laugh keeps the machine
In my black silk coffin
From exaggerating my numbers, while
My temperament rises & eyes a verse,
A revelation to us, merely opinion, pure
& nervous, plus a dinner charming.
But there’s more…


96_dpi 22

Obscenely sang the drunken voice
Illuminating the Homemade Cigarettes
& God’s ceasing to be &
I am only mortal in being,
Entirely fictitious,
Speaking softly with much severity
All the news I made,
Blue-eyed & fair, &
But there’s more…

Resistance to silence & serious advice,
To defend his cause, every man has a name
In silence, then
When he found himself old &
His embellished expression
Bright, a future vibrating
In a few drops sinking into
His intervals of fiery venom, he
Suddenly caught.
But there’s more…

More trouble than hearts passionate
Yet accomplices of future prodigies
Veiled in institutions founded by
This melted mechanism,
Its hairpins blackened
With dark null-and-vain,
Sorry-looking skeletons
With a gray, soft wolf
& toothy black bear,
The simmering ideal
But there’s more…

Drawings and verse by R Young.



    1. Thank you for these kind thoughts. Often writing & drawing & fiddling with video clips all run together. Am I unfocused? Maybe my focus is on the looking. BTW, we follow every twist & turn of the Catalan story. Why can’t your regional prez run things by Skype & email? I was editor & manager of a USA university journal for a year while living in a remote French village . . . twenty years ago! And did it with dial-up modem & no cell phone. It CAN be done! Anyway, we continue to hope for a sane outcome for Catalunya. You deserve it.

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  1. Of course it CAN be done! It MUST be done! And I really hope it WILL be done even if afterward the Spanish Constitutional Court invalidates it: “A declaration signed by three hundred Catalan lawyers and jurists claims that Catalan, Spanish and international law allow Carles Puigdemont to be sworn in as president of Catalonia even if he is not personally present in the chamber.” Source: https://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/catalan-jurists-statement-claims-puigdemont-can-be-sworn-in-as-president-from-belgium-independence-referendum/

    Liked by 1 person

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