Project 68: East Village Other, January 1968

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Project 68

Project 68 is Sam Santos-Dumont’s on-going series of dada texts and other stuff from underground newspapers in the US & Europe published this week fifty years ago.

1968 turned the world around. HERE WE ARE, A HALF CENTURY LATER: STILL SPINNING THE SAME YARNS. Are we better off? Worse off? Or just pissed off? You be the judge.

Texts taken verbatim from OCR of actual pages of underground newspapers. The sometimes quirky results of the OCR readings invite musings and interpretations in the dada spirit with a nod to the Situationists and Fluxus.

You are invited to read and observe with an open mind.

East Village Other, January 1968


Holy Orders
Dear EVO: We, ti.e members of Sri Ram Ashrama, a Yoga religious community, are walking in protest, in silence, of continued police harassment. We are witnesses in a John Doe investigation of a misdemeanor to which we have all been ordered by armed men — in violation of religious sanctuary — to appear on the same day at the same time; an obvious scheduling impossibility. Prior to this time we had been appearing voluntarily at the request of the District Attorney. We do not challenge the proper enforcement and due process of the law. We have always willingly cooperated with the civil authorities. But we do protest harassment. Our hands are tied as a symbol of our vows of non-violence and the conviction that police persecution cannot long endure in a free and intelligent society. We wish all a Happy New Year and hope the same for ourselves. Guru William Haines

Military Underground?
Dear EVO: Until I read your paper I never knew there was anyone like me. In fact if I had some personal concontact with people like you I might not be in the Army right now. But I got drafted and like the coward I am I went. So how do I get in touch with the Military Underground? I admire the anti-war demonstrators’ faith in the American government. Some seem to be learning that we are not living in a democracy and haven’t been for a long time. I knew that in high school but I don’t know what to do about it and still try to follow the love route. But there is still hope as long as there is the EVO. Love, Pfc. James J. Brigg

True Love
Dear EVO: , ■ The bathroom door slightly open emits the tiue smell of life (hence love) shouldn’t the flower children be peddling shit instead of rosebuds and daisies? They came to me dancing and singing “Chuck Robb is a transvestite’’ and placing garlands of sweetpea and baby’s breath around my neck. And I sang back at them, “If you truly love me you can un7inDer my fly (this to the nicest one) and do me. The retreated like an ominous receding tide, their wisteria earrings falling at their nubian feet. I went to the nicest one and screamed, “I love you because your chianti breath is pure sex. You love but you want to change me. I love you just the way you are (just tell it like it is). ’ ^ ^ cpw P.S. Nobody loves a fat girl but BOY can a fat girl love.

Astrological Predictions by CE LESTE if There will be an earthquake before February in an important mid-or southwest city, killing many people. if Both the Pope and President Johnson won’t last till July, 1968 if There will be a water and power problem in New York City before the end of January. if Reagan will be President. if Two young, well-known show business people will meet untimely deaths before July, 1968. if The stockmarket will suddenly skyrocket in February.

breast Pump Hygi^nici Breast Pump f with red rub-1 ber bulb. So 1 designed that ‘ it can be taken apart to clean. An unusually big value. Will give long service. Shpg. wt. 12.ounces

Dear EVO: Whoever’s putting speed into acid has really got to go. What is it? A plot by the “authorities” to make us all go insane?, Love, Clymenistra

Dear EVO: Here’s an interesting postscript to your recent “Cardinal Spellman” cover (Vol. 3, No. 3). The December 17th issue of the New York News contained a special supplement of color pictures on the departed military vicar‘place quite appropriately within the comic section — between “Little Orphan Annie’ and “Terry and the Pirates.” Enjoy, Dennis Dalrymple Second Avenue

Cover Fashions by transformations 121 Second Ave., N.Y.C.

FAT MEN‘S CLOTHES ‘-j “Joe Was Down With the Car Last Sunday; He Took Us All f’r a Spin
Travel Movie: Paths of Greeley Glory PART ONE BY WALTER H. BOW ART

The Apache Roadman Mana said, “Let’s split.” Who could resist? With Dirty Mike we clambered up onto the modern prairie schooner by Wolkswagon Werk. Putting full horsepower into motion, we set out on a six day trek along the paths of Greeley glory. BIGTIME the billboard says: MINIMUM SPEED 40 . . . RADAR ENFORCED You take a punchcard, sold it for a hundred miles, pay the uniformed highway butler a buck fifty, and ask for a cash receipt. Scowling, he slowly counts your

money and you chug on. Onward onto Pennsylvania’s macadam maze to the hills; the classic young blonde aside an ailing auto receiving succour from horny motorists; white-washed barns with magic hex signs; yellow dried corn stalks bleak against concrete silos; horses pulling sulkies on a hillside‘ Heryshey chocolate town USA; Harrisburg State Pen’and capital—a Middletown everywhere; endless Howard Johnson’s flashing plastic in the sun; Bethlehem, America, where not one, but

if ■ I l||!
■ I r I I ill jilsi Mb
On returning to the United States after two months in Asia—Japan, Ceylon, and Thailand—I am conscious of a marked and dangerous swelling of the national paranoia. Even flower-children are beginning to talk of violent reprisal against the increasing apoplexy of the police and the up-tight establishment. The quality of your crop will amaze you. “Send copies of HOME GROWN HAPPINESS to your friends using the following order blanks: (Enclose $1. 00for each copy. Add 25 cents for orders outside the U. S. ) HOME GROWN HAPPINESS, Box 555 East Village Other, 105 Second Avenue, N. Y. N. Y. 10003.


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