Study for Sicilian Spacetime

96_dpi_1200 10

Study for Sicilian Spacetime

aliens from outer space
have taken up residence
where they feel at home
inside electric dreams
spaces adored by all
love in the sparking
gyroscopic dreams
oh wholly extreme
this spinning seems
our eternal destiny

Sketches by S. Santos-Dumont



      1. Well that explains why it was especially potent! The ones that are labored over and take deeper digging quite often are the best nuggets of all. You are very welcome also!

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      2. thanks for your kind thoughts on the video. it was done on an ipad with a bunch of different apps, imovie, videon, megaphoto, imaengine, procreate, garageband, camera, etc. — and scotch tape. if there’s any finesse to it, it’s mostly lucky accidents taken advantage of.

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