A Modified Sicilian Octave for the New Year

96_dpi 19

The new year begins with work on two projects tentatively titled:
“Sicilian Spacetime” and “A Half-century Passes, and?”

The theme of “Sicilian Spacetime.”
On the island of Sicily, aliens from outer space have take control of refrigerators, microwave ovens, television sets and other electrical devices. An assemblage video plus poetry.

The theme of “A Half-century Passes, and?”
A half-century has passed since 1968, so what about the deep troubles of that year? Are we any better off? Do these troubles plague us still? What has gotten better? What worse? How fares the human project? Clips from the underground press & other sources. Videos & verses, maybe even some prose.

A Modified Sicilian Octave for the New Year

Wading in, he prophets old long time a greasy spot.
So when he has nobody around he asks:
How old is this spot of great long sound fully cut
and who is the prophet who predicts the

Three classical warnings incarnate in waters we liked?
Short and long, coursing in spite of the so true,
And him wading now and beloved and fuming of Old Grass.
He stops now, holding him pants in hand like Sisyphus.


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