Ask the Oracle, Que sera?

96_dpi 2

Ask the Oracle, Que sera?

What a groovy flip of the coins today
For nous-mêmes
Two neat stacks of lines alike
Signifying greatness & originality
A future abounding in
We love the tied-up sack
(Picture burlap
With hemp rope)
Where neither blame
Nor praise gets loose
Google-eyed dragons rampant
Tearing at each other’s throats
Their blood voluptuous
Purple & yellow
So the lines say
Give us this day
The only day
We have.

Although we do worry
About losing friends
In the northeast

Yo! our buddies in Berlin
Moscow & beyond
Please come home
We love you still

But we can be content
At the present point
With gaining pals
In the southwest
Barcelona & Brazil
Even Tulsa & Albuquerque

Welcome to the Carnival

Today our black mare guides us
It’s not a time for initiatives
But a season for reflection
Firm and confident
Modest and free
Astride our patient filly
Who bears us safely through
The purple & yellow blood-storm
Of narcissistic dragons

Today we ride & imagine
Tomorrow we seize the reins


Photograph by D Young. Le Boulou, France, December 2007.
Poem by R Young, St. Paul de Fenouillet, December 23, 2017.


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